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5 Important Ways to Increase Productivity in Metal Fabrication

Regardless of the kind of business you’re running, but especially in metal fabrication, you would want to have efficiency and an increase in productivity in t...

Important Reasons To Upgrade Your Manufacturing Equipment

Everybody needs to upgrade their machinery and manufacturing equipment eventually. The question is whether now is the time, and if you have the right budget for...

Modernize Your Press Brake : Add a Press Brake Controller

If you’ve been using the same press brake for a while, you might be experiencing some wear and tear or the simple need to go for an upgrade. If you think it i...

How to Survive OSHA Inspections

The Occupational Safety and Health Association, or OSHA for short, can seem like an intimidating and scary organization. OSHA inspections will often come out of...

Top 6 Motivational Safety Speakers

He punches the clock, back to work on the machine. He still has the ham sandwich taste in his mouth that he scarfed down in the break room. He’s tired, but (s...

Machine Safety Tips

Machine Safety Tips: Keeping your machinery shop running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. If you’re running or working in a machine shop, safety always need...

What is a Lockout Tagout Procedure?

Perhaps you have already experienced what it’s like to have a machine be locked down and have it's lockout tagout procedure begin. Or, maybe it’s never happ...

How to Choose a Press Brake

Learn how to choose the correct press brake for your machine, to ensure top notch safety. Choosing a new press brake to buy from all of the options out there ca...

Press Brake Injuries: How to Prevent Them

During 2018, 45 press brake injuries and 1 press break fatality were reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  When your ...

Press Brake Operator Protection

Press Brake Operator Protection Press Brake Operator Injury Most press brake injuries occur when the operator gets their fingers or hand trapped between the die...

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Metal Tech Controls Corp. has been a professional, innovative, and trustworthy source since 1989 for press brake safety controls and systems, including the cutting-edge Laser Sentry system. Our products and services, just like our Florida-based business, are all proudly Made in America.

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