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Press Brake Injuries: How to Prevent Them

During 2017, 47 press brake injuries were reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) one being fatal.  When your press brake is ...

Press Brake Operator Protection

Press Brake Operator Protection Press Brake Operator Injury Most press brake injuries occur when the operator gets their fingers or hand trapped between the die...

3 Benefits of Press Brake Safety Devices

While there are many different benefits of press brake safety devices, we have narrowed it down to 3 main benefits. Safety should hold a high priority among mec...

Press Brake Guards - Side and Rear Guards

Press Brake Guards Side and Rear Press Brake Guards Side and rear press brake guards, also sometimes referred to as ‘end barriers’ or ‘press brake guards...

Press Brake Sheet Follower

Sheet Follower A press brake sheet follower or sheet lifter is a device for press brake safety that helps keep operators safe when working with large sheets of ...

Light Curtain for Press Brake Safety

Light Curtain The purpose of a light curtain is to protect the operator from making contact with any part of the press brake that could potentially cause harm d...

Press Brake Two Hand Control

Press Brake Two Hand Control A press brake two hand control device is an effective method of protecting the operator’s hands from entering the point of contac...

Laser Beam Device for Press Brakes

Laser Beam Device A laser beam device is a highly efficient type of presence sensing device for press brake safety. Laser beam devices are the most modern and e...

Press Brake Foot Pedal Safety System

Press Brake Foot Pedal Most press brake safety systems that abide by OSHA standards incorporate a press brake foot pedal in addition to other safeguarding devic...

Brake Master

OSHA Standards CompliantThe Brake Master is designed to provide stop time monitoring for part revolution punch presses. It is designed to meet the safety regula...

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