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Brake Master

OSHA Standards Compliant

The Brake Master is designed to provide stop time monitoring for part revolution punch presses. It is designed to meet the safety regulations requirements of OSHA 1910.211(d) and 217. The BM 1000 Brake Master meets all published USA OSHA, ANSI, and CSA requirements.

Brake Failure

Each time the machine comes to a stop anywhere in the cycle a stop time test is performed. The calculated stop time is compared to a failure parameter and in the event the calculation exceeds the parameter the machine is prevented from making a successive stroke until the Brake Master is reset.

brake master metal tech controls
brake master installation

Brake Master

To help in the proper maintenance of the machine the Brake Master provides a brake warning in the event the stopping time of the machine begins to deteriorate but does not exceed the failure parameter, allowing ample warning time to adjust or repair the clutch/brake mechanisms.

Brake Time Test

Upon installation, it is necessary to perform a stop time test of the machine to determine the brake failure parameter. This test is designed to determine the worst-case machine stop performance scenario by forcing the machine to stop at ninety degrees with the heaviest upper die installed. A sequence of ten stop times are made, then the highest stop time is multiplied by 1.25 percent to determine the failure parameter and 1.10 percent to determine the warning parameter. This test can be performed at any time and as often as desired.

brake master installation


The Brake Master displays the stop time in milliseconds, stop time in degrees, strokes per minute and a safe distance calculation for determining safe distance of operator controls and presence sensing safety devices.

Batch Counter

Program batch counts and if desired perform a press top stop upon completion of the batch.

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Metal Tech Controls Corp.’s Brake Master meets all OSHA Standards. For more information, contact us any time and we will be sure to answer any questions you may have. For more information on press brake safety visit

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