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Jobber Plus+

Punch Press Products by Metal Tech Controls

The Jobber Plus+ is a limited revolution punch press products offered by Metal Tech Controls.  Metal Tech Controls unique punch press products can act as an interface between light curtains.  In turn, these punch press products are designed to guard personnel working around moving machinery and increase safety in the workplace. The Jobber Plus+, punch press products can be used to monitor the machine stopping time and the drive mechanism of the E-Cam for loss of motion. Installation of these punch press products system is easy to install with the help of our step by step installation and procedure guide.

Punch Press Products

Jobber Plus +

Model No. JP200
Price – $4,695.00 Check for Current Price


Die Protection
(8 programmable inputs)
Press Automation
(8 programmable outputs)
Press Control
Complete Clutch/BrakePress Control Resolver Based Electronic Cam Switch

Instruction – Installation Manual

JP200 punch press products


E-Cam 2012 punch press products

Price with E-Cam

Die Protection

plusplus3 punch press products
Eight Programmable Inputs
Eight user programmable inputs are provided for die protection and other functions.

Ejected part detection input and any input 5 to 24 VDC positive sourcing or sinking, toggle, relay, proximity, inductive, infrared or contact closing to ground.

Simply select whether you want Top Stop or Emergency Stop, whether or not the input is ON during the programmed dwell or OFF. Enter the degree ON point and the degree OFF point.


Press Automation

Eight Programmable Outputs
Metal Tech Controls, punch press products such as the Jobber Plus+ offers eight programmable relay outputs to control any function. Drive part ejectors, press feeds, uncoilers and straightners, lubricators, choppers, indie tappers, toggles and just about any other punch press products automation feature you require!

plusplus4 punch press productsProgram one to come ON during a specified dwell time.
plusplus6 punch press productsProgram another to wait for a specified time to come ON and stay ON for a specified time.
plusplus5 punch press productsProgram a third one to count ‘x’ strokes of the machine and then come ON for a specified time.
plusplus7 punch press productsProgram a fourth in the same way as the others.

Punch Press Products Control Features

  • Resolver Based Electronic Cam Switch
  • Time-Based Brake Monitoring
  • Plain English Diagnostics
  • Lost Motion Detection
  • Inch, Single & Continuous Operation
  • Continuous on Demand
  • Reverse Direction Detection (except in Inch Mode)
  • Micro Inch (timed jog for setup)
  • Top Stop Push Button
  • Emergency Stop Push Buttons (locking type)
  • Dual Palm Button or Foot Switch Selector Switch
  • Two Operator Station Inputs (user selectable)
  • Two Light Curtain Inputs
  • Light Curtain Muting on Up Stroke
  • Low Clutch/Brake Air Pressure Input
  • Low Counter Balance Air Pressure Input

Control Diagnosticsplusplus1 punch press products
A diagnostic screen can be accessed to allow visual indication of an input changing state. If an input is ‘ON’ a ‘1’ will be displayed. If it is ‘OFF’ a ‘0’ will be displayed. By pressing buttons, activating switches or cycling the press, the status of the inputs can be determined making it easy to find faulty components.
plusplus2 punch press products
Plain English Error Messages
All errors that occur are displayed and a suggestion for remedy is offered.

OSHA and ANSI Standards
All Systems Meet and/or Exceed OSHA 1910.217, ANSI B11.1, CSA and European Safety Standards.

Control Reliability
Twin microprocessors powered by their own independent power supplies. Both processors independently perform clutch/brake and input logic while simultaneously monitoring each other. Each processor powers an independent relay and monitors other relay to check opening and closing.

Relays have force-guided contacts. In the event of a relay failure, the press would be shut down instantly and the LCD will display “RELAY FAULT”. Relays are field replaceable.

If either processor fails, the control will issue a stop signal and prevent further strokes of the press until the fault is corrected. The fault will be displayed in plain English on the LCD.

All vital functions are stored in nonvolatile FLASH and battery-backed memory for maximum redundancy and reliability.