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Modernize Your Press Brake : Add a Press Brake Controller

If you’ve been using the same press brake for a while, you might be experiencing some wear and tear or the simple need to go for an upgrade. If you think it is time to make your press brake better then you should definitely consider upgrading it by installing a press brake controller.

A press brake controller is a fantastic way to make the difficult job of bending metal easier and more precise. You’ll feel like you have a new degree of freedom at your fingertips with the advances that have been made recently with this kind of technology. So, what exactly are the benefits of adding a press brake controller?


Machine Setup is Heavily Minimized

A press brake equipped with a press brake controller will almost always require less setup time. This means that whenever you need to make calibrations for new materials, you will be spending a lot less time manually making the adjustments and allow the press brake controller to do most of the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is input the correct data and much of the work will be done for you quickly, which leads us to our next point:

Press Brake Controller is Easy to Learn to Use

While press brake controllers are known for being complex and cutting-edge, they do not have the most difficult learning curve to them. In fact, learning how to use a press brake controller is probably easier than learning how to manually operate a press brake lacking a controller.

Once you know how to navigate the controller, you’ve already gotten through the hard part. Now all you have to do is input information like the radius, length and angle of the material meant for processing and you’re good to go.


Press Brake Controllers are Stunningly Accurate

What is widely considered one of the best things about press brake controllers is that they can make amazingly accurate bends and positioning with their materials. As one would expect, these tools can be much more precise than humans which means they are great tools for people working with more difficult or complex conditions.

The best controller will easily allow you to perform the most precise bending sequences so your angles will be just the way you want them, and not be a degree off.

Built-In Modes and Filters

To save on setup time even further, many press brake controllers come with so-called tool filters or presets. This means that many built-in features will allow you to work with certain materials and calibrations right out of the box without any further input from you.

Many Extra Features that will Come in Handy

While not all press brake controllers are the same, just about any one of them will come loaded with a ton of features to take advantage of. Each one is designed to make your job easier, which in the long run will have you saving a good amount of time as well as save a good amount of money for your manufacturing company.

For instance, many press brake controllers come with an automatic angle measurer. This makes the process of centering angles or recalculating tilts and spring back correction a cinch.

Some press brake controllers come with control diagnostics, which can be used to check when an input is changing state, such as the cycling of the press or the activation of certain switches.

The more expensive press brake controllers even come with an artificial intelligence built into the machine. The AI is used to flag errors on the fly and automatically make corrections. It then stores this as a memory in its internal database so that it knows to not make this error ever again.

Interested in Modernizing Your Equipment?

Even if you’re already convinced that a press brake controller is what you need to make your job easier, you probably still have some questions. There are many different kinds of controllers out there and you might not know which decision to make. That’s where we come in. For any kind of help that requires choosing a controller, installing one or just learning more about the dozens of features that they can come with, contact us at Metal Tech Controls at any time and we’ll help sort you out. Get in touch now!

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