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Press Brake Foot Pedal Safety System

Press Brake Foot Pedal

press brake foot pedalMost press brake safety systems that abide by OSHA standards incorporate a press brake foot pedal in addition to other safeguarding devices, such as light curtains, restraints, or barriers. This acts as an emergency stopping provision in case the other press brake safety measures in place fail to protect the operator or anyone else in the vicinity. There are various types of press brake foot pedal systems, but all of them should include a press brake guard around the device to prevent accidental pressing. The guard can be metal or even plastic, but should be brightly colored so it can easily be differentiated from the color of the floor.

How Does a Press Brake Foot Pedal Work?

Foot pedals for press brake safety do not always act as the sole activation lever. They are sometimes an extra step that must be initiated to prevent accidental engagement of the machine. They greatly reduce the risk of accidents this way, but may also be used as the sole means of activation. If the foot pedal is all that is needed for operation, this can leave the press brake operator’s hands free before, during, and immediately after the stroke. The pedal must be pushed down in order for the machine to operate in either case, sole operation or in combination with another lever.

Automatic Stroke Stop Device

There are some foot pedals that use a method of two-press operation. The first press lowers the die to a distant of 6 mm from contact; a second press initiates contact. This gives the operator another chance to make sure that their hands and objects that don’t belong are not at the point of contact before the stroke takes place. This method also allows the operator to step off of the pedal completely and adjust the piece without having to make contact with the foot pedal before initiating the stroke.

Is a Press Brake Foot Pedal Required by OSHA for All Press Brakes?

A press brake foot pedal is not listed by OSHA as a general requirement for all machines. Although they may or may not necessarily be required for your press brake, a press brake foot pedal helps to protect workers and can leave the operator’s hands free, which can dramatically speed up productivity.

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