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Press Brake Injuries: How to Prevent Them

During 2018, 45 press brake injuries and 1 press break fatality were reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  When your press brake is set up and running correctly, and your operator is experienced, operating a press brake may seem like a relatively straightforward process. However, press brake injuries do happen to even the most experienced press brake operators.  Press brake injury prevention must be considered a priority in order to keep your press brake operators and other employees safe while on the job.

Press Brake Injuries: Why are Press Brakes so Dangerous?

press brake injuries press brake injury prevention

Typically, press brake operators are not required to place their hands or other body parts near the point of operation.  However, exposure to the point of operation injuries can still occur.  The access to the point of operation whether in front of the machine or behind can make the use of a press brake very dangerous.  Operators may also find themselves reaching around safety devices at the end of the machine increasing their risk for press brake injuries.  Additionally, with use of any press brake, there are pinch points and hazardous motions that are created by the back-gauge system. Avoiding these common danger zones are essential to keep any press brake operator safe.

In addition to the above-mentioned danger zones, press brake operating controls and the size of metal can also put the press brake operator at risk.  The press brake operating controls, such as the foot pedal can cause the press break to cycle causing injury to the operator accidentally.  Additionally, when forming large pieces of metal, the press brake operator must hold the stock while cycling the press brake with a foot pedal. Once the stroke begins, the stock can move creating additional risk for injury.

Furthermore, press brake dangers can also come from using a refurbished or used press brake.  Used or refurbished press brakes may be cheaper to obtain however leave many questions as to whether the controls and safety system are fully operational.  And lastly, press brakes rely heavily on the operator.  An operator’s behavior is not always predictable which can also increase the risk of press brake injuries.   Lacked safety standards, careless behavior, and inattentiveness is a recipe for disaster.

Press Brake Injury Prevention

OSHA’s machinery and machine guarding regulations (29 CFR 1910 Subpart O) require one or more guarding methods to protect operators and other employees from exposure to hazardous machine energy during the operation of press brakes.

Metal Tech Controls, believes safety should be the number one priority for all factories and mechanical shops.  Running large equipment without the proper safeguards can not only negatively impact your employees but also your business. Prevent a costly mistake by utilizing one or more of our press brake injury prevention safety devices.

Press Brake Injury Prevention Safety Devices

Metal Tech Controls products are in full accordance with OSHA standards and guidelines. However, and most importantly, we build our products for comprehensive operator protection striving to prevent and avoid workplace press brake injuries.

All press brake injuries cannot be avoided entirely. However, by utilizing our press brake safety devices and ensuring your operators are fully trained you and your employees can rest assured that the proper safety precautions have been used to the fullest.

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