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Press Brake Safety by MetalTech Controls

MetalTech Controls Corp provides press brake safety for mechanical and hydraulic press brakes. Which one matches your needs?

System IIe

System IIe provides press brake safety for mechanical press brakes. Light curtains can provide effective protection from injury. This highly-customizable option is easy-to-use and effective for personal safety on the machining floor. Learn more about our System IIe safety system.

Laser Sentry

Laser Sentry uses laser technology to provide superior workplace safety when using hydraulic machines. Our OSHA compliant system is effective and easy-to-use. Learn more about our Laser Sentry hydraulic press brake safety system.

“The laser light is no doubt the best safety device I’ve used on a press brake – much better than a light curtain. It was installed on our RG 80 in August of 2016. It’s easy for our operators to adjust and use, and it has a simple design. We don’t do any box bending here, so I can’t atest to it for that procedure. But the wavy setting works well for us. It took a couple of days to get used it but I would definitely recommend it to any one – so much so we will be installing them on any future brakes! Well worth the price and peace of mind for safety.”

Steve Penac
Tucker Industries
Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Mechanical and Hydraulic Press Brake Safety

Safety should be at the forefront of all mechanical shops and factories. It is necessary for everyone to practice machine safety best practices, from shop owners to floor managers to machinists. Having the proper procedures and safety measures in place is a necessity MetalTech’s Press Brake Safety systems are a great place to start. Our System IIe provides outstanding press brake safety for mechanical press brakes. Our Laser Sentry system provides unmatched press brake safety for hydraulic machines. No matter your specialty, MetalTech Controls has the machine safety devices for your business.

All of our press brake safety options come with free technical support. Additionally, instruction manuals are readily available right here on our website. Whether you are using mechanical or hydraulic press brakes, MetalTech has the right safety device for you.

About Metal Tech Controls Corp.

Metal Tech Controls Corp. has been a professional, innovative, and trustworthy source since 1989 for press brake safety controls and systems, including the cutting-edge Laser Sentry system. Our products and services, just like our Florida-based business, are all proudly Made in America.

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