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Press Brake Safety Devices

Press Brake Safety Devices

Safety should be a priority for all mechanical shops and factories. Running large equipment without safety features can negatively impact your product, business and most importantly your employees. Having the proper press brake safety devices and features in place can eliminate some of the most costly mistakes and accidents. This is where our press brake safety devices, methods, and features can help!

Laser Sentry

The Laser Sentry system is Metal Tech Controls cutting edge press brake safety device. The Laser Sentry is a type of Presence Sensing Device (PSD). The Laser Sentry system features laser guides that ensure the safety of the press brake operator while surrounding the die with precisely placed lasers. The laser technology will immediately retract the die if a foreign object is detected.

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Press Brake Guards

Press brake guards is a press brake safety devices that can also referred to as “end barriers” that can section off parts of the die providing press brake safety for operators and other employees. There are two types of press brake guards, side guards, and rear press brake guards. Side guards are used to protect objects and hands from entering the work zone. Rear press brake guards offer protection by eliminating access to the back gauge and preventing the rear area of contact from being accessed. Both side and rear press brake guards are an effortless and inexpensive way to provide press brake safety for your operator and other employees.

Light Curtains

Light curtains are a type of presence sensing device used to protect the operator from making contact with any part of the press brake. Light curtains do not delay or limit productivity because no restraints, straps or physical barriers need to be used. Instead, light curtains use a stream of light or lasers to protect the operator. If the stream of light or lasers are broken the receiver immediately detects it and stops the machine instantly. Although the initial cost of a light curtain press brake safety devices system may be higher than using other physical barriers, the savings in manpower time and production speed more than makeup for the initial cost, while keeping your press break safety in the forefront of your mind.

Press Brake Two-Hand Control

An additional press brake safety devices that can be used is the press brake two-hand control device. This device is an effective technique used to protect the operator’s hands from entering the point of contact, therefore, reducing the chance of harm. The press brake two-hand control device requires the operator to use both hands to start the stroke. A button on each side of the operator must be held down at the same time for the press brake to work. While the press brake two-hand control device is cheaper than the light curtain, it can reduce productivity slightly unlike the light curtain.

Presence Sensing Device

Another presence sensing press brake safety devices is the laser beam device. It is a highly efficient, modern, and cost-effective way to adequately protect the operator while not impacting productivity. The light beam device does not restrict the press brake or the operator in any way as long as the stream of lasers are not disrupted. The light beam’s stream of lasers can vary in length, but typically only covers critical areas of risk while other areas that are not dangerous can be ‘muted.’ Although light beams are similar to the light curtains, they do not project the same kind of light. A presence sensing device laser beam device is far more accurate and allows the operator to work in a very tight space in a safe manner.

Foot Pedals

Foot pedals for press brake safety are used in connection with other types of safety guards such as light beams or restraints. The foot pedal provides press brake safety by serving as an emergency stopping provision in case other safety features fail. Although foot pedals are not required by OSHA, they significantly reduce the risk injury and leave the operator’s hands free, speeding up productivity and providing safety for your operator.

Operator Controls

Automatic Stroke Stop System

Using and installing an automatic stroke stop system adds press brake safety to your business operations. A press brake automatic stroke stop can protect the operator and those in the surrounding area by creating two separate downward ram strokes using a ‘sequence mode.’ Each separate stroke is meant to operate at different speeds increasing press brake safety. Breaking the process down into two steps is a technique that prevents fingers, hands, or objects from getting pinched and decreasing the amount of ‘whip up.’ Using and installing an automatic stroke stop is an effective press brake safety method that is meant to prevent injury in the shop or factory.

Other Press Brake Safety Devices

A few additional press brake safety devices and methods for increasing press brake safety include, fly-off prevention dies, a two-person control device, and stepped stopper fingers. The fly-off prevention dies are intended to eliminate accidents in the workplace by using reinforcement materials that allow the die to endure greater pressure, therefore, reducing the risk of pieces breaking off. A two-person control device increase press brake safety by requiring two operators to work together decreasing the risk of operator error. And lastly, stepped stopper fingers are intended to increase press brake safety by supporting the front side of the work piece and allowing for the work piece to be steadied during operation.

Press Brake Safety

Although, all workplace accidents can’t be avoided entirely by implementing some of these press brake safety devices and methods you and your employees can rest assure press brake safety is the main priority for Metal Tech Controls. Contact us today to ensure the safety of your press brake. We work with mechanical press brakes, hydraulic press brakes, and more.

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