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Air Cylinder 3″ with hardware




Air Cylinder 3″ with hardware

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Air Cylinder 3″ with hardware for System IIe

System IIe Standard Features

    • Time-Based Brake Monitor (monitor stops anywhere in the stroke)

Stop Time Displayed in Milliseconds

Lost Motion Detection

Plain English Diagnostics

Safe Light Curtain Distance Automatically Calculated

Multi-Mute; 15 Programmable ‘MUTE’ Points

400 Programmable ‘TOOL’ Setups

Programmable Ram Stops (Top, MUTE Position or Both)

Adjustable TOP STOP Angle

Compensation for Ram ‘DRIFT’

Indicator Lights Clearly Display Mode – Safe, Mute and Fault

Automatic Light Curtain Relay Check

All Functions are Menu Driven

Press Brake Light Curtain Control – System IIe Description

The System IIe is a control that acts as an interface between light curtains that are designed to guard personnel working around moving machinery. Whenever the press brake operator’s safety is dependent on the machine’s ability to stop quickly enough to prevent an injury, it is imperative that the safe stopping time of the machine shall be known and the light curtains be set at the proper distance from the nearest pinch point as is regulated in the United States by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The System IIe is totally dependent on the proper operation of the light curtains used to safeguard the operator. Be certain that the light curtains used meet all OSHA requirements before interfacing them to the System IIe. Be certain that the light curtains are mounted the proper distance from the nearest pinch point as prescribed by the light curtain manufacturer. Regardless of the calculated distance, you should never mount the light curtains closer than 7.5 inches (191 mm) from the nearest pinch point. This is required by OSHA Table 0-10 in OSHA 1910-217 and Table 1 in ANSI B11-19-1990.

The System IIe provides the stopping time of the machine in milliseconds when the machine is emergency stopped in any position. The OSHA and ANSI B11 formula for safe stopping time should be used to determine the safe operating distance the light curtains are from the nearest pinch point. You should refer to the light curtain manufacturer’s manual for the formula to be used to determine the proper distance.

The System IIe can and should be used to monitor the press brake light curtain control stopping time. Proper setting of the stop time setpoint in the System IIe is the sole responsibility of the employer, purchaser and final owner of the equipment.

If the machine is incapable of stopping in enough time to satisfy the OSHA time/distance formula, the machine is unsafe, and the ram arrest valve system should be repaired or replaced. This requirement is the sole responsibility of the employer and or machine owner.

The proper application, installation, maintenance and operation of the System IIe, the light curtains used and the machine itself is the responsibility of the purchaser and or employer.

It is the purchaser’s and or employer’s responsibility to inspect the System IIe, the light curtains, and any other pertinent equipment daily for proper operation. It is also the purchaser’s and or employer’s responsibility to know that the stop time monitoring setpoints and the mute setpoints are proper and safe for the operator.

The purchaser and or employer is also responsible for the selection and training of the personnel necessary to properly install, operate and maintain the machine and its safeguarding systems. For example, the System IIe should only be installed, checked out and maintained by a qualified person, as “a person or persons who, by possession of a recognized degree or certificate of professional training, or who, by extensive knowledge, training and experience, has successfully demonstrated the ability to solve problems relating to the subject matter and work.” (ANSI B30.2-1983)

The user is the person(s) identified and designated by the employer as being appropriately trained and qualified to perform a specific procedure. Often the user is the installer, die setter, electrician, maintenance personnel, supervisor, foreman, etc. who is involved with the setup, daily test and checkout of the machine and the safety devices.

The System IIe should never be accessed by anyone other than properly trained personnel so designated by the purchaser and or employer. If the machine operator is not properly trained to setup up the machine or the System IIe then a setup person so designated should perform the setup.

The machine operator must receive specific proper training on exactly which machinery is protected by the light curtains, the machine’s operating controls, warning signs and press brake safety instructions. The machine operator must thoroughly understand and follow the company’s press brake safety rules and always use the safeguards and proper hand tools provided by the employer. The machine operator must notify management if the machine, tooling or safety devices are not operating properly. Never use the machine if it or the safety equipment is not in proper working order.

The System IIe is provided with a keyed selector switch. The purpose is to prevent untrained and unauthorized personnel from entering or modifying programs or from changing setpoints programmed for brake stop time monitoring, stroke length and top and bottom position setpoints. It is the purchaser’s and or employer’s responsibility to ensure that only trained and authorized personnel have access to these functions.

The following are additional requirements the purchaser and or employer must meet before using the System IIe. The machine on which the System IIe and light curtains are to be installed MUST can stop motion anywhere in the stroke or cycle in a safe time as prescribed by the OSHA formula for safe stopping times.

Do not use the System IIe or light curtains on any device with inconsistent stopping time or inadequate control devices or mechanisms.

When the System IIe and light curtains are used to protect a machine operator from a hazard, the purchaser and or employer has the responsibility to ensure that all applicable federal, state and local Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA Standards) requirements and any such rules, codes and regulations which may apply are satisfied.

All Safety related machine control circuit elements, including pneumatic, electric or hydraulic controls must be control reliable. Any power press which uses the System IIe and light curtains must meet the requirements and inspection procedures of OSHA regulation 1910.217, ANSI standards B11.1-1988 and B11-19-1990 plus any other applicable state and local regulations.

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