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Many safety curtains can be highly effective if used properly. They allow multiple operators access to the press and prevent unauthorized personnel from injuring themselves. They also make it possible to use a foot switch instead of a two hand push button station.

Light curtains increase productivity by allowing multiple operators to be able to use the press and keeps unauthorized personnel safe from injury. It also allows for the use of a foot switch rather than a two hand push button station. There are many different reasons to use light curtains, however, OSHA and ANSI has requirements for the use of light curtains on press brakes. If you want to learn more about the OSHI and ANSI requirements visit our light curtains for press brake safety page which has more specific information. Some options that come with light curtains for press brake safety is floating beams, channel select or canceling, and programmable channel select. While we do not recommend floating beams, channel select or canceling can be useful if it is used the proper way and safely. Programmable channel select can be used, for instance, to ignore only one beam. There are different reasons for using different options of light curtains which is why we have many different packages and options for use to choose from.

Floating Beams

Many press brake light safety curtain systems have a floating beam option, individual or multiple infrared beams may be broken by the part being formed. Some safety curtains allow up to eight inches of beams to be floated. Floating beams can be extremely dangerous if used improperly. Just consider a press with a three inch stroke and the light curtains safety allows you to float up to eight inches of beams. We do NOT recommend floating beams!

Channel Select or Canceling

Beam canceling is an option on some light curtains. Canceling beams allows you to blank out or ignore a given number of the beams. It is a very useful option if used properly and safely. For instance, if you have support arms mounted to the front of the press, canceling the beams that are obstructed by the support arms allows you to operate the press while still protecting the die opening. Misuse of this option is extremely dangerous and should be supervisor controlled. Blanking beans to allow the part being formed to be ignored by the light curtain should never be used. The gap in the light curtain array of beams would allow the operator to inadvertently penetrate the danger zone.

Programmable Channel Select

Some safety curtains can be programmed to selectively cancel a given number of beams during the forming operation. For instance, a box shape is being formed. On the first stroke the safety curtains are programmed to ignore only one beam. A four inch high ninety degree bend is made. The part is rotated ninety degrees. Now the side of the part is obstructing four inches of the light curtain. For the remaining strokes the light curtains safety must be programmed to ignore four inches of the light curtain. Four inches of canceled beams is extremely dangerous.

OSHA and ANSI Requirements for Use of Press Brake Light Safety Curtain

    The machine must be able to stop the movement of the ram anywhere in the stroke.

    The stopping time of the ram must be known.

    The stopping time of the ram must be monitored for deviation in stopping time on each stroke.

    The minimum distance the safety curtain system can be located to the pinch point must be known.

    The light curtains safety system must be control reliable.

    The machine stop circuit with which the light curtains safety system are interfaced, must be control reliable.

    The light curtains safety system must be self checking for proper operation on each stroke.

    There should be no easy way to disable the safety system without special tools.

    If the safety curtains system is disabled there should be a clear indication that it is disabled.

    The operator and setup person should be properly trained in the operation of the safety curtains system.

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