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Top 6 Motivational Safety Speakers

He punches the clock, back to work on the machine. He still has the ham sandwich taste in his mouth that he scarfed down in the break room. He’s tired, but (somewhat) ready to finish the rest of his shift. He puts his safety glasses on, and slumps back to his spot on the line. As his boss – you have a duty to keep him productive. A duty to keep your employees motivated. Happy. And to ensure safety.


To keep manufacturing employees safe there are, of course, the many protocols that must be in place. Being in charge of all OSHA safety regulations – from proper safety wear, the environment, storage is important, and then don’t forget about staying up to date on the latest technology and safety equipment for machinery, that’s what we’re about here at Metal Tech. Other than that though, you have to think about employee mindset as well. Like the correct safety signs, employee culture, and investing in training such as hiring a motivational safety speaker. Let’s discuss some of these safety factors and tips.

Leading Safety Factors a Manager Must Know and Implement

Installed Safeguards and Procedures

As a manufacturing manager, or owner there is certain equipment and procedures that can be put in place to ensure safety for facility, and employees. Things such as machine guards, press brakes, etc. Also here at Metal Tech, we sell The Laser Sentry system is a cutting-edge safety device, a Presence Sensing Device (PSD) featuring laser guides that ensure the safety of a brake press operator by detecting foreign objects. Also, providing and enforcing proper PPE safety gear such as, glasses, hats and other safety equipment. Keeping machines clean, and well maintained also prevents injury / machine malfunction.

Encouraging the Right Employee Behavior

This part of instilling safety in the workplace may be a bit trickier. So having the right game plan for keeping your manufacturing employees motivated, and safety oriented has to be well planned out with the proper strategy. Proper safety posters and signs in place is one tip to follow. Allowing proper breaks to keep workers from being fatigued, and also making sure they do not get overworked with too much overtime should be part of your safety strategy.

Also, employee meetings and investing in trainings can also be vital. What we will be discussing today is providing safety training or hiring motivational safety speakers to help keep the company culture and mindset SAFE. Your machines can have all of the proper safeguards, and well maintained equipment, but the operator’s behavior and decision making is also important on preventing costly and dangerous accidents.

What is a Motivational Safety Speaker?

The motivational safety speaker, when hired, will come into your workplace to give a presentation to the staff. They are there to spread awareness of safety and healthy practices within the company. They teach, inform, and motivate to keep your employees on the safety track, and hold them accountable.

Reasons To Invest in A Motivational Safety Speaker

When making any investment decision for your company, you’ve got to be aware of all of the advantages that it will do for your business. Here are just a handful:

  • Communication improvements are encouraged during these speeches in your machine shop. After the motivational safety speaker gives their speech, your staff will be more inclined to speak up about unsafe conditions, accidents, machinery issues, or needing help in certain unsafe situations.
  • Stress levels will improve. Remember ham sandwich breath man? From the beginning of this? He was tired, and overworked. When you bring in a motivational safety speaker to your workplace, it mixes things up. A fresh, different approach to the work day.
  • A motivational safety speaker presents the correct company culture. As a manager, or leader in your work space culture is also important. When the machine shop has a safe, productive culture the line will run smoother, and more efficient.

Top 6 Motivational Safety Speakers

Scott Burrows

Motivational safety speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Scott Burrows brings his mindset of “Vision, Mindset, and Grit,” to the table when crafting his presentations. Early in life, during college he was in 2 different traumatic automobile accidents. He has turned his own life changing events into something powerful and meaningful for all that get to witness his speeches, and presence. Each presentation is created specifically for your company, and needs.

– Top 6 Motivational Safety Speakers

Dylan Skelhorn


A little bit about Dylan Skelhorn: his passion for safety came to him after sustaining life changing injuries in a work accident. He was servicing a chimney, on a ladder, while on call for the company he currently was working for. He fell 33 feet, in this horrible accident. He suffers life long pain and many issues from this incident, but that has not stopped him from sharing his story and motivating others about work safety. Dylan not only works as a manufacturing safety speaker. He also works in industries such as, pharmaceutical, aerospace, fabrication, water, oil, gas, wind, energy, food and beverage, civil engineering, car industry, chemicals, quarrying and biomass. No matter your industry Dylan Skelhorn can be a great motivational safety speaker for your employees.

Regina McMichael


Regina McMichael, has a presence and energy that is lively, inspirational, and funny. Her story starts out tragically. She became widowed at the young age of 20 years old after her husband fell off a roof in a work accident. This sparked her passion for safety, and she went on to study it in college, and ultimately turn it into a career as a motivational safety speaker, and safety consultant. Regina now has over 28 years of experience as a safety expert. She’s a co-author of safety books, and known as safety translator for training books, and manuals. McMichael has presented motivational safety speeches to a variety of industries as well.

Mike Hourigan

Keynote speaker, and author Mike Hourigan has spoken to over 1200 different crowds, and is sought after by large corporations. He adds a unique perspective to safety, team work, and leadership. A few topics his safety and stress keynotes go over are:

  • Company culture of Safety
  • Rewarding safe behavior
  • Giving employees a voice, and how to allow them to think for themselves
  • Slowing down, and not getting in a rush
  • Motivational safety for the employees that aren’t so motivated

Mike Hourigan as a motivational safety speaker provides easy to use methods, and motivation for your workplace.


Chris Loomis

Motivational safety speaker, Chris Loomis, owner of Safety Attitude, worked in a plant for over 20 years. He is an author, and national writer. With his 6 method approach, his safety speeches have a high retention rate, even after 8 weeks time with employees. Loomis promotes a 24/7 safety mindset, so that your company has the Safety Attitude ALL the time.

David Sarkus


At DSI, or David Sarkus International, they take a no excuse stance when it comes to safety accidents and incidents. Leadership must be implementing the right tactics in order to keep their workplace SAFE. Sarkus, safety strategist, safety speaker, consultant, and his team have some main focuses:

  • strategic safety planning
  • behavior-based safety
  • leadership
  • engagement and alignment
  • attention control tactics

Is Hiring A Motivational Safety Speaker Right For Your Company?

As a leader in the workplace, there are a lot of responsibilities that fall on your shoulders. With the safety aspect – it is people’s lives on the line. Once again there are many things as management you can do; environment improvements, proper safety gear, installing the right safety technology on equipment, like we specialize in here at Metal Tech, following all of OSHA guidelines, and also keeping your employees motivated and on track. Will you add a motivational safety speaker to your safety strategy?

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Metal Tech Controls Corp. has been a professional, innovative, and trustworthy source since 1989 for press brake safety controls and systems, including the cutting-edge Laser Sentry system. Our products and services, just like our Florida-based business, are all proudly Made in America.

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Metal Tech Controls Corp. has been a professional, innovative, and trustworthy source since 1989 for press brake safety controls and systems, including the cutting-edge Laser Sentry system. Our products and services, just like our Florida-based business, are all proudly Made in America.

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