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METAL TECH CONTROLS CORP. has been a professional, innovative, and trustworthy source since 1989 for press brake safety controls and systems, including the
cutting-edge Laser Sentry system. Our products and services, just like our Florida-based business, are all proudly Made in America.

METAL TECH CONTROLS CORP. offers professional installation of all systems we produce. If you prefer to choose another qualified technician to install our products, we provide complimentary unlimited technical phone support to ensure the highest quality and safety standards are being met. Our installation and operation manuals are also freely available for you and your technician to review. Additionally, we have great confidence in the quality of our press machine products and cover them with one full year’s warranty (from date of shipment from the factory).

The Laser Sentry system is a cutting-edge safety device, a Presence Sensing Device (PSD) featuring laser guides that ensure the safety of a brake press operator while employing the precision of lasers directly surrounding the die. If a foreign object is detected, the laser technology will immediately retract the die.

LaserSentry press brake safety system


Laser Sentry is OSHA Approved

For use as an operator safety device on hydraulic press brakes

Complete System Includes Brackets
Bolts – Cables – Nema 4 Enclosure
Absolute Position Sensor
Instruction Manual

Press Brake Safety Systems

Metal Tech Controls produces high quality systems to meet all of your press brake safety needs. Click here to check out our . We offer custom options to meet whatever your company’s unique demands may be. We offer controls with dependable, redundant press brake safety systems, comprehensive light curtain options, and proudly provide the Laser Sentry, a precise laser-guided system which meets ANSI B11.3 standards for operator safety.

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Punch Press Control

Punch Press Controls: Standard or Programmable
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Press Controls and Press Brakes

We provide you with high quality press controls as well as mechanical press brakes and hydraulic press brake safety guards. We offer both a standard model, suitable for many systems, and a fully programmable model which can meet the unique demands of your company. These controls are simple, smart, and tough, equipped with several redundant safety and reliability features to ensure the smooth operation of your press and company.

Press brake safety


Metal Tech Controls Corp Established 1989

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